Maker Movement

Many makers are hobbyists, enthusiasts, or students, and are a wellspring of innovation, creating new products and producing value in the community. Some makers do become entrepreneurs and start companies.

The Maker Movement embraces innovation, creativity, and learning to improve our communities and create a better future. Tinkerers, educators, parents, and professionals are included, because we are all Makers. That includes you. What will you make?

At the heart of the Maker Movement is the understanding that making is uniquely human. As people learn to develop projects, they become innovators, makers of change. We exist to help more people participate so that they can acquire the tools and expertise necessary to make their ideas become real.

Maker's Edge is here to build and cultivate a community of Makers. We encourage high schools students, nonprofit groups, and educators to check out Maker's Edge as well as business entrepreneurs. You don't have to be a member to attend classes or workshops.

We are bridging the gap between engineers and artists. We are safe place for ideas and collaboration. This is a place to do hard and difficult builds. This is a place to fail, and hopefully succeed.

For more information on school field trips, team building workshops, or Private Events check out Field Trips + Rentals page.